REVIEW : Innisfree Eye Primer

Hello! I'm back with another review from one of my favorite brand, Innisfree! It's their eye primer! I never knew that they have this product, it's either a new product or the Innisfree store I went often didn't carry these. But I saw them the other day and decided to get it! Retail for KRW 6.000

It doesn't come with any box, but it was sealed like in the picture above. As any other eye primer, it claims to provide creaseless canvas and to make the colors appear more vivid.

The product is actually quite small, it doesn't written on the tube how much product it contains, but on the website it's 3g. But you don't need much product for priming and prepping your eyes, instead putting to much will make your lid creases.

The applicator has a unique shape, it's flat on both side and it looks like a rectangle on the side. This shape makes it real easy to apply evenly with just one swipe allover across your lid! The primer itself has a little shimmer - definitely not transparent. It hardly seen if applied to the lids though.

Even though I have a very oily face, I don't have any problem on creasing on eye lids or eye shadows fading away like that. But I do have problem with eyeshadow color payoff - especially eye shadows with light color, sometimes they failed to show up vividly on my lid. And this eye primer really helps on popping those colors out!

Overall, this primer is quite nice! Sometimes I found out that putting eyeshadow over a primer will make it hard to blend, but it totally didn't happen! I do find that it didn't help with the creasing (as I have a lot of eyelid lines) but definitely not accentuates them in any way! I've been sporting this product almost everyday, and definitely been enjoying this eye primer! :)

[update] a lot of Innisfree fans apparently also liked this product a lot too : (all 5 stars!)

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  1. wah review produk innisfree lagi, kamu benar2 fans produk innisfree, kita sama kalo gitu :D

    1. iyaa hahaha lama2 blog ini penuh innisfreeeeee @_@

  2. This sounds great! May be I should give it a try. Thanks for the review! :)

  3. which one do you think is better, innisfree eye primer or etude house one?

    check my blog if you have time http://beautifyiu.blogspot.com

    1. I've checked your blog and just followed!!
      I never tried Etude House's Eye primer for some period of time, so I can't tell you which one better, but looking at the price (and the packaging) I'll definitely pick these over EH's haha

  4. wuuu eye primer nya kyknya bagus! i rlly need one recently hihi

  5. i rarely use eye primer nowadays, fil..
    bahkan si udpp terbengkalai begitu saja XD
    iy blog km penuh produk innisfree sm NR hihi :3

    1. hahaha iya cee? dulu aku pny udpp juga akhirnya terbengkalai.. tapi recently aku suka banget pake eyeshadow mau ga mau.. hahahaha :D

  6. This eye primer is really nice and its quite cheap too. <3 http://azwaa.blogspot.com


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